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Antonia's Bright Future

Youth Guarantee career profiling

A traumatic event meant I left high school unexpectedly. When I was ready, I got advice from some friends and my school advisor, and was introduced to the programmes offered at E&E. They looked interesting and really practical - I could see myself gaining skills there.

One of the great things about E&E is the rolling enrolments. This meant I could just turn up with my friend and see what the programmes were like, anytime. After talking with Julie, one of the tutors, I decided that the Business Administration and Computing programme would give me great general work skills, as I didn’t yet know exactly what I wanted to do as a job in the future. 

What a great choice that turned out to be!

Throughout my time at E&E, I developed life skills, built confidence and this time in my life was where I grew the most. I grew in confidence, self-worth and strength. Looking back, it was the combination of the programmes and the environment. Classmates, tutors and staff made up a ‘family’ that was a safe, encouraging place. This was something new for me, and it worked! I graduated in 2016, achieving NCEA Levels 1 & 2, my Certificate in Business Administration and Computing Level 2, plus my Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1. 

I’m where I am because of all the help I got. I think this is why I want to help others. I’m now studying a Diploma in Social Development at Unitec. I think it will be amazing to help people reach their potential and get through life’s challenges, like I did – so what an amazing field to work in.

I’m able to study thanks to the Warehouse Stationery Scholarship I was granted thanks to The Salvation Army and Warehouse Stationery. The scholarship contributes to my course fees and provides paid work experience at Warehouse Stationery. This is a great place to work and I’m gaining more skills every day.

I’m super grateful, and excited about the future!

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