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Kiwi Next Generation – in practice

Kiwi Next Generation – in practice

(Written from the perspective of the mentor)

One of our female students here at the Dunedin Education and Employment (E&E) centre, on the Automotive Programme, has just completed her Employment Skills certificate - against all odds.

Despite being the only female on the programme she topped the class by showing enthusiasm, a willingness to work and attention to detail.

Like many students enrolled at E&E, this young woman has had a very hard year, she’s endured things that cannot be mentioned, many traumatic experiences, but she continues forward.

She is now 20 weeks pregnant and living in an environment similar to that of a boarding house, with seven other people. Trying to find more appropriate accommodation, sorting out her financial situation and studying, are some of the things currently on her plate.

Kiwi Next Generation (KNG) has been a lifesaver for her. It has allowed her to have an instant advocate, someone who she can talk to and link her with the appropriate agencies for each specific need. Had KNG not been around this young lady wouldn’t have had someone helping her find a midwife or getting her to and from appointments. She would not have someone by her side dealing with Youth Services and WINZ, and currently helping her find a safe home for her and her unborn child.

This young lady has had quite the year. Thanks to KNG she has been able to get through it.

Having mentors on site can make all the difference to a person’s ability to function when in crisis. I feel confident that had this young lady not had KNG mentoring she would not have stayed in education.