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Booth Cafe

training cafe
Booth Café – where training meets service

Booth Café is a not-for-profit training café with a community focus. By purchasing the quality, freshly prepared food and beverages you’re helping the trainee staff gain skills and confidence for future employment and you’re helping build a stronger community.

Trainee staff are on the Youth Guarantee Service Sector – Hospitality and Tourism programme. Your support enables the staff to get the all-important work experience that can lead to bright futures.

‘Where training meets service’ explained:

Working in a real café, serving real customers, provides the work experience E&E students need to develop vocational skills in retail, cookery and customer service, which puts them in good stead for future employment.

This training environment also supports the all-important core vocational skills and literacy and numeracy development.

There are currently two Booth Cafés with plans to develop more

Booth Café – Mount Wellington

  • 18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland
  • 09 905 1230
  • 7:30am – 2:30pm Monday to Friday
  • Full beverage menu and food available
  • Function catering available too

Booth Café – Dunedin

  • Booth Cafe Caravan
    260 King Edward Street, South Dunedin
  • 7am - 2pm Monday to Friday
  • 022 154 4243
  • Coffee, Food, Cold drinks, Smoothies