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Driver Licencing

corrections Driver Licencing

In the lower half of the North Island (a line drawn between Hawke's Bay and New Plymouth) we provide a service enabling Corrections clients to obtain driving qualifications.

Within the prison walls, there are five prisons in the region; we provide learner licence training and resitting, renewal and reinstatement services.  Currently the results are 100% passes with around 70 prisoners through the programme.

Outside the prisons we provide practical driving lessons to people on Community Probation sentences.  This can involve several lessons, accompanying a client to the test and support through the testing process.  Seventeen clients have engaged and passed so far with a number in the pipeline.

In many cases within the prisons some of the men and women trained have never passed any test or received any qualification.  The receipt of a drivers licence enhances self-esteem, enables normal activities that require formal identification (e.g. opening a bank account) to be completed in the same way as ordinary citizens.  A life changing event. 

Prisoners and offenders in the community are more employable, better engaged in our other services and have taken the first step on the road to a better life.  

For more information speak to the staff at your local E&E centre.