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Training for Industry

Training for Industry

Are you on a benefi t? Aged 18 or over?

Our zero-fees, 13-week Training For Industry course will help you get your drivers licence and endorsements, along with experience, skills and confidence to walk into your working future.

Course criteria:
• Aged over 18 years
• Full Class 1 Licence (or Restricted for at least 12 months)

The Training For Industry course offers:
• Licence up to Class 2 (depending on current licence grade)
• Wheels Tracks Rollers, and Forklift endorsements (if applicable)
• Site Safe (if applicable)
• Traffic Control 1 (if applicable)
• STMS (if applicable)
• First Aid Certificate (if applicable)
• Materials handling (if applicable)
• Plate compaction (if applicable)
• Work experience opportunities
• A new CV and cover letter— plus how to update these
• Workplace health and safety
• Know-how to search for jobs
• Interview skills and how to present yourself
• Literacy, language and numeracy support
• Help into work and support when you’re there

We will assist you to develop your skills and confidence in a supportive environment, plus you will have the motivation to get a job and keep it.

For more information call 0800 437 587 or send us a message using the enquires tool bottom right of this page

Course available in Whangarei // (09) 438 4470